Summer program 2020

Our kindergarten is open for you also during the summer!
Is your kindergarten closed for summer holidays? Would you like to experience our kindergarten? Or are you just looking for some fun program for your child? Do not hesitate to join us! During the summer, our kindergarten is open also for kids who are not attending it regularly. 

You can join us for the whole summer or just a part of it!

We offer full day program (8:00 - 17:30) throughout the whole summer holidays.
The program is designed for kids 2.5 – 6 years old.

* the price includes a whole week program in bilingual environment (in Czech and in Chinese), morning and afternoon snacks, lunch and drinking regime for the whole day.

Let's join us! (Fill in the application form and put a note "summer program" and "preferred term")

Do you have any questions? Do not hesitate to contact us!


Trip around the world (7th - 17th July 2020)


Travel the world within two weeks? It is possible with us :) Kids will take the imaginary train into all corners of the world – we will e.g. visit carnival, desert, jungle or meet bears. We will show kids the diversity of the world in a fun way. „Are you going with us?“.

Price: CZK 4,650*/week


Universe and starry sky (20th – 31st July 2020)

The universe and stars have always fascinated all generations. They carry something mysterious, and that is what children always enjoy. This week we will bring children to the universe and the starry sky. Together, we will make the solar system or visit the planetarium. Children will learn about the significant constellations and signs of the traditional and Chinese zodiac.

Price: CZK 4,650*/week

Sports (3rd - 7th August 2020)

This week we will be in the move. Children love movement, at least most of them, and we want to support them in this. We will introduce to kids and try traditional and less traditional sports. Children will try out some disciplines of the summer Olympic Games and try some traditional Chinese exercises and martial arts. This week will also be about sports competitions and the importance of movement for our health :)

Price: CZK 4,500*/week

Fairy tale week (10th – 21st August 2020)

Fairy tales are inextricably linked with the children's world. Children love them. Fairy tales represent to kids a kind of instruction, how to distinguish between good and evil and how to deal with them. At the same time, they develop their imagination and vocabulary. Therefore, it is necessary to preserve the world of fairy tales to children. We will present various fairy tales to children not always in a traditional way. Those who love fairy tales and theater should not miss these two weeks. In addition, a lot of games and competitions will be prepared for children throughout the week. Kids can look forward to fairy-tale forest trip and a fairy-tale characters round dance :)

Price: CZK 4,600*/week

Crafts week (24th - 28th August 2020)

Let’s discover children’s natural creativity! We will use various materials and try various techniques for craft work this week. We will paint, glue, manufacture, fold etc. In the end, the great exhibition will take place! Come and have a fun!

Price: CZK 4,800*/week