Chinese for kids – 8-10 years old (beginners)

Have your kids (8-10 y/o) learn Mandarin Chinese and open them doors to today's world! We have a lot of experience in teaching kids Chinese. We have been teaching Chinese for several years at our school with excellent results.

Do not miss a chance to join us!  

Group: The course is designed for a group of 4-6 children

Level: Total or false beginner

Time schedule: once a week, 1 lesson = 60 minutes = 16 hours/ semester


Tuesdays (17:00 - 18:00) - 4.10.2022 - 24.1.2023

Wednesdays (17:00 - 18:00) - 5.10. 2022 - 25. 1. 20223

If you cannot exceptionally attend the course at your term, your kid can attend any lesson for beginners running that week. You have  better chance not to miss any lesson.

Content: It is the best for the children, even the bigger ones, to learn through play, and that's what we follow! Therefore, lessons are full of educational games, songs, reading, conversation and listening. It is fun for kids, but at the same time they develop 4 basic skills needed when learning any foreign language: understanding, reading, speaking and writing. Children will primarily learn basic vocabulary (colors, animals, means of transport, courtesy phrases, family members, occupations, nature, etc.), they will learn grammar, how to react in a common situation (in a shop, at a train station, at the doctor) etc.). We will introduce children basic Chinese characters, which we will continue to use in the classroom, and teach them the phonetic transcription of Chinese -  pinyin.

Price: 3,680 CZK / semester (16 hours)

What to do when your kid is attending the lesson - Our kindergarten is located near shopping centers (Kaufland, Lidl, Obi, Dr. Max., DM, Sofia Square - 5 minutes by car, Novodvorská Plaza - 10 minutes by car, Arkády Pankrác - 15 minutes by car) or you can go for walk to the woods, forest parks, which are within walking distance of our kindergarten, or a short drive - e.g. Modřanská Guly is within 10 minutes by car.

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*The application form is universal, please put a note "Chinese course" and "Day and time"